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     The key to success in your mission upon this planet is something we will term Right Thinking & Right Action.

     Right Thinking & Right Action is about living in harmony with your true nature, your soul, and God.  Then you will discover The Meaning of Life.  This is guaranteed.  Right Thinking & Right Action has been taught by absolutely every spiritual tradition, every religion, every saint, every mystic, every advanced ancient culture.  The form of the teaching has only differed because of the individual needs of the people at that place and in that time and culture.
 In some religious traditions, the founder has stated that their own way was the only way to reach God.  From the larger perspective this is true, since every individual path to God is only an adaptation of the common path communicated in all traditions.  When they have stated that people should follow them and not anyone else, this has been with good intent - people without leaders have a tendency to run around like chickens, always searching for Truth but never actually stopping to put any level of Truth into their way of living.  So the hope is that by forcing allegiance to a single religion, some stability will be reached.  Ultimately there is no need for allegiance, as long as you take responsibility for your own spiritual progress, through actually living with the principles of Right Thinking & Right Action.
     Right Thinking & Right Action is concerned with developing ideals or virtues, and discouraging negative qualities.  This book will give you all the directions you need.  But putting the directions into practice is not always so simple.  Nevertheless, it must be done if you wish to be truly deeply happy.  Rest assured that it is definitely possible for those with dedication and endurance.
     Right Thinking & Right Action corresponds with the core teaching of every spiritual tradition - to recognise the total Unity of every one of us with God, and to act in accordance with this viewpoint in order to eventually experience that Unity.  Right Thinking & Right Action is the Path to that goal.  Whenever confusion arises and we leave that Path, we slip into living in a manner that can bring us no lasting satisfaction.  Here is your chance to return to the Path, the true purpose of your life.
     Know that your true nature is harmony.  Harmony is felt in life as a sense of positivity and purpose.  The alternative of harmony is disharmony.  This is felt as a sense of negativity.  The basic idea of Right Thinking & Right Action is to develop our positive qualities and to cease our negative qualities.  It is important not to immediately condemn ourselves and others for our negative qualities - else we fall back into a state of negativity & judgement.  We must simply see every situation in life as an opportunity to develop our harmonious qualities.
     It is vital to remember that God always ensures that everything is perfect, all is exactly as it should be. This is not immediately obvious from what we can see around us, but this is because every soul is learning what they need at their own pace.  All negativity in this world is only temporary, we are all slowly moving back to awareness of God.

The physical world can be compared to a stage in God's Play, we are all actors playing our predetermined parts for the benefit of our souls.  The whole world, the entire universe, is just as real as the stage in a theatre. All that takes place on our stage is in fact only seemingly real, with God and our souls as the audience.  Our whole life is like a story made manifest for us to learn.  All difficulties are placed in the story by our soul in order for us to learn and seek self-improvement.  Without obstacles, you would not become aware of your inner disturbances that leave you vulnerable to disharmony.  Always always always remember to approach all situations with positivity, and trust that God has your best interests at heart.

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