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The Meaning to Life page 8

Performed by Much Adieu, arranged by Dave Carroll,
Here by kind permission from Dave Carroll.
This arrangement is copyrighted and may not be distributed without permission from Dave Carroll.

     Even though reconnecting with our source is our ultimate
motivation and purpose, the simple fact is that most people are unwilling to change their current way of living to become harmonious with their soul.  So there is no need for God to be present in their lives, until they recognize that their self-centered reality is only bringing them temporary satisfaction.

The Universal Mind is always aware when a person
becomes ready and willing to learn Truth and change.  So then it ensures that the most suitable teachings become available according to the individual's needs.  This book has definitely landed in your hands because the Universal Mind feels that you are ready to learn something from it.  That is the way God works.  But it is up to your free-will how much you choose to open up and allow yourself to accept Truth and live in harmony.

The Universal Mind is like an endless ocean.  Each one of
us is like a single wave, rising up from the ocean.  The ocean and the waves are one and the same, even though the waves seem small and insignificant.  If the waves became calm, they would merge back into the ocean, discovering their united source.  If you live according to the ideas in this book, your mind will become calm and you will dissolve back into your source, recognising your oneness with God.

     We sincerely wish you the best fortune in this growth into Understanding, Truth, and Harmony.