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The Meaning to Life Page 10


 Every problem we encounter in life is created by God as part of a learning experience.  This is true for absolutely every type of problem - illness, accidents, relationship problems, work problems, any life situation that creates emotional or mental disturbance.  Not many people notice that their individual problems are merely the obvious signposts of a larger learning experience.  Sometimes we manage to relieve or suppress the obvious symptoms through willpower, medicine, or just by ignoring them, depending on the nature of the problem.    But the learning experience that created the problem will not have dissolved.  It will instead be manifesting different or less obvious symptoms.

     God's intention is not just to upset you!  It is God's intention for you to become aware of the negative attitude or quality that has been persistently stopping you from experiencing your natural harmony.  You are in effect separating yourself from your soul.  God is hoping that your difficulty will point you in the right direction towards ceasing the negativity.

     Even if you are being negatively affected by someone else's problems, you can be sure that the situation is in some way present to reflect a negativity problem of your own.  Otherwise God would not be allowing you to experience it.

     When a problem occurs, the best thing you can do is to analyze the situation fully.  Look at the events preceding the problem and see if there was a disharmonious attitude or expression of negativity in some way.  Look at how the problem may be just one symptom of a continuing series of similar difficulties.  By ignoring your lessons, similar problems keep being repeated.  God's hope is that the repetitive pattern will allow you to recognize the deeper significance of these difficulties.

     If the underlying cause is not immediately apparent, then don't be overly concerned.  Occasionally a problem occurs seemingly without provocation in order to test your dedication to Right Thinking & Right Action.  If you wish, you can ask God to help clarify the cause.  In any case, know that you will be presented with the answer if you remain aware.  By releasing your anxiety, you may become aware of it even when you're not consciously thinking about it.  Otherwise, no doubt God will provide another opportunity for you to learn the same lesson, by creating another similar difficulty for you.

Ultimately you must learn to take responsibility for your life and all of it's circumstances and situations.  You may think this is an unfair attitude.  For example, some people have been born into certain conditions such as poverty and hardship, or wealth and ease, or even physical disabilities.  And these extreme conditions may arise at any time during life without any responsibility on the part of the individual.  Do Not doubt that this has all been chosen by the soul even before birth - the conditions are exactly what is required for that individual's specifically needed lessons.  Every single thing that you experience is of your own doing.  Negative experiences can only be released through becoming aware of your lessons, and developing harmonious attitudes and qualities.  Taking responsibility for your entire life is one of the biggest steps forward you can make on your spiritual path.

     Sufferers of chronic illnesses may have a hard time accepting that they are responsible for their unending suffering.  Let us look at an example.  Modern medical science has concluded beyond doubt that prolonged depression and anxiety is most definitely the underlying cause of cancer.  It is very easy to understand - the depressed person thinks "Life is terrible, what is the point of living," etc.  And so the body acts as a physical reflection - a body that does not support the living process.  By the time the person is diagnosed, even a renewed will-to-live is not enough to counter the strongly ingrained negativity of many years.  Yet there are many recorded cases of complete healing without medical treatment in those rare people who have managed to completely release their negativity and change their entire life attitudes and beliefs to accept faith, hope, and happiness

Every other illness is the same.  Analyze thoroughly the actual nature of the problem, and you will find that it in some way reflects the prolonged mental state of the sufferer.  We do not suggest that you stop any necessary medication.  We do suggest that you completely transform yourself so that it is no longer necessary.  While poor diet or a biochemical disfunction may have caused the physical illness, it was your soul that created those conditions to get your attention.  You must work at healing yourself of the physical problem whilst simultaneously healing yourself of the deeper disharmonious root cause.

     So now that you understand, and will start taking responsibility for any difficulties in your life, you must be sure not to blame anyone, or you will fall back into negativity.  You cannot blame yourself.  You cannot blame your parents or those around you.  Since most of us are not aware of the far-reaching effects of our negative attitudes and actions, how can anyone be to blame?

     Also be aware not to blame yourself for helping to create disharmony and difficulties in the lives of other people through your own negative attitudes and actions in the past.  Be sure that it was the choice of their soul to experience that disharmony as part of their learning experience.  So forgive yourself NOW.

     It is your ignorance of spiritual Truth that has caused all disharmony and suffering, and hopefully it is your new awareness that will help you be responsible for creating harmony from now on.  You can be sure that your soul is hoping you will take notice and learn, so that God is not forced to keep repeating all your difficulties.

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