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The Meaning To Life page 6

     Now we will speak briefly about God.  Some people feel uncomfortable with the word God.  God is just a way of refferring to the Universal Mind, the consciousness that exists within everyone and everything.  If you wish, you can think of God as the Source, the Creator, the Provider, All-That-Is, Life, Truth, Christ, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, the Divine Father, Divine Mother, or Constant Companion.  The Universal Mind is not concerned with how you actually refer to it-God resides in all forms throughout the entire universe.  The Universal Mind knows that however you refer to it, it is still essentially the same.

     The true peace and happiness that we all spend our lives searching for can never be found in the material world.  For we really are seeking to reconnect with God.  In some of us that desire is not so obvious, but it is always subconsciously present.  It is the source of our dissatisfaction and our deepest motive to keep living, but since the final goal is not apparent we search elsewhere for lower forms of satisfaction to distract us from our sense of aloneness.

     Some people get confused because they feel that there is some sort of God-presence in our lives, but if it really exists, why does it not show itself in some way to help us?  Well is has shown itself indirectly through the teachings and wisdom of a great number of saints and spiritual teachers throughout history.

     But it rarely shows itself directly because we have all been given the privledge of Free-Will.  This means that we have a right to choose our thoughts and actions, including the ultimate choice of believing or disbelieving in our Creator.  If the Universal Mind was directly obvious, we would have no free-will to choose our beliefs.

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